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Posted on October 1, 2009

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Getting into the Details of Nintendo DS Emulators
The emulators for Nintendo DS which include DeSmuME, iDeaS, the No$GBA as well NeonDS are said to be partial emulators for 3DS since it may already be used in order to emulate the part for DS/DSi for the 3DS. It is important to take not that the 3DS is quite backward when it comes to compatibility with the games for NDS, the DS Lite, as well as DSi games. NO$GBA is considered to be a very outstanding game emulator as it began as an emulator for Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance in 2002. What is currently happening with the 3DS is similar to this. Buy R4 3DS Flash Cards ® N3DS R4 Jailbreak »

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New 3DS R4 flash cards

Posted on September 29, 2009

kid ikarus 3ds screenshotAs for the emulators for the 3DS, there will surely new names that will be introduced.
There are people wondering if the emulator for Nintendo 3DS on the computer has considered that such 3DS comes along with a unique screen for 3D which came from Sharp, could not be recreated in a direct manner on the PC.However, it is important to keep in mind that the Nintendo 3DS is equipped with a street fighter 3ds screenshot3D Slider which can be utilized to modify the3D’s depth, or allow the option to simply have it turned off. In this regard, the 3DS on the PC can possibly be emulated even without the effects for 3D, and the other option would be to utilize the all-new 200+Hz screen along with 3D glass.But doing this would only make the entire process of emulation quite bulky and this call to mind the aspect of being cost efficient. It would be more affordable to purchase the Nintendo 3DS, then just hack it in to get started with playing games that have been downloaded.